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Order paid by bank transfer

We thank you for your order (invoiced in Euros).

(remember to recall the references of your order)

Bank : Popular in the Alps
Domiciliation: Sculpture (00145)
Bank code: 16807
Counter: 00145
Account no.: 04521100276
RIB key: 13
IBAN: FR76 1680 7001 4504 5211 0027 613

You will be informed by email of the progress of the processing of your order.

Important: Specify your order number as a text of the operation
As our account in Euros (EUR) is domiciled in France, our customers using an account outside the euro zone are invited to set up an international transfer.

I make a transfer from an account located in the euro zone Do I have any special costs to bear?
Your bank can only charge the standard rate for a transfer (often free of charge if it is made online, from your bank account, and rarely exceeds a few euros at the counter). For our customers holding a bank account from a eurozone member country, no additional fees may be charged due to the fact that it is an international transfer.

How long does it take for my transfer to be taken into account? ?
Transfers usually reach us within 2 to 4 business days. We will validate this payment D+1 after its reception (working days): we systematically confirm it by email. 3 to 5 days are therefore generally necessary for the order to be validated after the transfer has been sent.

Customer Service Telephone: +33 (0) 4 75 59 59 06 51
You can also send us an email info@fantasticmotors.com
by mail: GIRAPUB, 8 rue Victor Payonne 26120 Chabeuil - FRANCE


Pour toute question : +33 (0)4 75 59 06 51

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